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Things to Know Before Choosing a Diamond Shape for Your Engagement Ring

November 5th, 2018

An engagement ring is a once in a lifetime gift, so it is incredibly important that you pick the one that most matches your style.

The cut of the center diamond is arguably one of the ring’s most important features. With more than 10 main diamond cuts to choose from, you should have some information in your back pocket before you start shopping!

This blog post will explain the qualities of the most popular diamond shapes and explain with what style of ring that cut looks best.

Popular Diamond Shapes

Round Cut

The most popular diamond style, this shape is timeless, classic and clean. Due to its popularity, you’ll find more styles and sizes of round diamonds than you can count. As a downside, due to supply and demand, you’ll pay about 40% more for a round diamond than any other cut.

Princess Cut

This square-looking cut is nearly as popular as its round sister but has more facets, which means it sparkles more! It also does a great job of hiding blemishes if you choose to buy a lower quality diamond. The only con is that the corners of the ring are easily damaged, and the stone could fall out of a poorly manufactured setting.

Radiant cut

The hard-to-find radiant cut diamond combines the emerald and round shapes and, with 70 facets, offers a whole lot of sparkle. The only problem is, they are scarce, so it is often hard to find one in an engagement ring.

Cushion Cut

This cut looks like a rectangle with soft corners. This romantic shape features larger facets that increase its sparkle and shine. Take note -- cushion cuts typically only work with larger stones.

Oval Cut

Similar to the round cut’s incredible brilliance but longer in shape, the trend-setting oval cut diamond is growing rapidly in popularity. As a plus, they look larger than a round diamond but as a drawback, they can more easily show internal flaws.

Emerald Cut

The glamorous emerald cut diamond has a vintage feel that highlights the clarity of the diamond. It is elegant and sophisticated but keep in mind you should buy a high-quality diamond, or your stone will show flaws.

Pear Cut

This teardrop shaped sparkler is sophisticated and elegant. It works well with romantic, vintage and even modern style ring settings. Be mindful of the fact that this cut shows flaws more easily.

What Cut is Best for Me’

There are many factors you should consider. Consider the work that you do and what cut would not get in your way. The cut should also match the style of ring you want. However, the most important thing in choosing a diamond shape is selecting a style that you love.

Tips for Choosing the Best Diamond Shape

Some cuts of diamonds are more flattering on some hands and fingers than others. If you have small hands, choose a ring with a round or heart-shaped diamond that is petite in style. For large hands, choose a creative funky style.

  • Long fingers: Most styles look good on long fingers, but princess and round cuts look best. Wide bands also look very good on long fingers.
  • Short fingers: Thin, petite style bands complement short fingers. Choose pear, oval or marquise cut diamonds to lengthen their appearance.
  • Wide or large fingers: A medium or thick band looks nice on wide fingers with a wide stone in an emerald, marquise or oval shape. A narrowly shaped diamond will make your fingers look larger.

If you’re in the market for a diamond engagement ring, please stop in and see one of our experts Huntington Fine Jewelers. You can also give us a call! We’re happy to answer any questions and get you started on your purchase journey.