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The purchase of jewelry is a major investment and should be insured like other valuable items. The first step is to have your jewelry appraised by a qualified GIA Graduate Gemologist. Our qualified appraisers have the educational and gemological background to provide you with an accurate, certified appraisal that can be submitted to an insurance agent to be added onto your existing homeowners or renters insurance policy or to use when selling your jewelry. Your investments deserve protection and security. You deserve peace of mind. Your friends at Huntington Jewelers can help you with both.

Your favorite pieces of jewelry reflect who you are and connect you to special moments with the ones you love. Jeweler Mutual Insurance Company – the only insurer specializing exclusively in jewelry insurance for more than 100 years – offers repair or replacement coverage to protect your jewelry for all its worth.

We trust Jewelers Mutual and believe you deserve a professional, informative jewelry insurance experience so that you can wear your jewelry without worry.

Jewelers Mutual Advantages:

Comprehensive repair or replacement coverage that often goes beyond standard homeowners insurance and warranties

Worldwide protection against theft, damage, loss and even mysterious disappearance

Flexibility to work with your own jeweler; no need for multiple estimates

Licensed agents, GIA Graduate Gemologists and American Gem Society Certified Gemologists on staff whose passion and specialty is jewelry

Personal, professional assistance with every call, question or claim

1. Why do I need current appraisals for my jewelry?

By far, the most important reason is for insurance purposes. Over the years, the value of your jewelry and gemstones can fluctuate greatly. If your last appraisal is over two years old it may be out-of-date and, as a result, your jewelry could be insured for less than its replacement value. That means you risk a substantial financial loss if your jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged.

For your protection, we recommend you have your jewelry appraised every two years. Huntington Fine Jewelers will provide you with accurate appraisal reports based on current market values so you can obtain adequate insurance coverage. You may also want to determine the value or authenticity of your jewelry for estate and tax purposes, divorce settlements, donations and loans.
2. I already have an appraisal from the store where my jewelry was purchased. Why do I need another appraisal?

Though some merchants may offer you free appraisals with your purchases, it is advisable to have a “second opinion” to confirm the value of your jewelry. Our appraisers will take the time necessary to write an accurate, in-depth appraisal that will help you avoid paying excessive premiums or underinsuring your jewelry.
3. I have homeowners insurance. If I lose my jewelry, am I automatically covered?

You are NOT covered for loss or damage unless you have your jewelry appraised and scheduled separately. Huntington Fine Jewelers will carefully document your jewelry piece-by-piece so you can have it properly scheduled.
4. What is included in a Huntington Fine Jewelers’ jewelry appraisal?

Each Huntington Fine Jewelers appraisal includes a complete appraisal report for your records. The report contains such information as:
1) the content and weight of precious metals;
2) a detailed description of diamonds and gemstones (carat weight, cut, clarity, color, & measurements)
3) the appraised value of your jewelry.
5. How can I be sure my appraisal is accurate?

All tests and measurements are performed by Huntington Fine Jewelers’ G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists using the industry’s most precise scientific instrumentation. Appraisals are based on current market values derived from a computerized networking system that constantly monitors prices through the industry and compares retail prices.
6. How much should I expect to pay for an appraisal?

Huntington Fine Jewelers charges a flat fee of $75 per item, with a 7-10 day turnaround time. Same-day appraisals are $250 per item. These fees are based only on the time needed to perform the tests and measurements. Fees are in no way determined by the value of the jewelry.
7. Do I need to make an appointment for an appraisal?

You do not need to make an appointment during our normal hours, though it is suggested to make an appointment if you wish to avoid delays, have numerous items, or desire a same-day appraisal. Longer than usual completion times may occur during holiday times.
8. Does Huntington Fine Jewelers do watch appraisals?

Yes, we also do watch appraisals. Luxury watch appraisals are a flat fee of $250, while other watch appraisals will start at $75.
9. Do my diamonds have to be removed for an appraisal?

Huntington Fine Jewelers will gladly appraise your jewelry while you wait with an appointment. There is an additional fee for each item appraised. We also respect your privacy; all appraisals are strictly confidential.
10. Do I have to leave my jewelry with you to have it appraised?

Huntington Fine Jewelers will gladly appraise your jewelry while you wait. You must make an appointment for same-day appraisals, and are completed for $250 per item. We also respect your privacy; all appraisals are strictly confidential.

Graduate Gemologist is the most prestigious credential in the industry

A GIA Graduate Gemologist has the comprehensive knowledge of diamonds and colored stones needed to evaluate your jewelry and create an appraisal that is accepted by any insurance agency in the world. At Huntington Fine Jewelers, our Graduate Gemologists have both technical expertise and practical skills to evaluate gemstones by the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight), the International Diamond Grading System™, and the Colored Stone Grading System.
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