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a woman with jewelry fixes her hair as the wind blows as she walks through a field.

At Huntington Fine Jewelers, we take pride in offering an exquisite array of designer necklaces. Our collection boasts an extensive range of styles, each meticulously crafted to reflect the epitome of elegance. Whether you're drawn to the classic allure of a diamond pendant or the contemporary charm of minimalist pieces, we have something to suit every occasion and personality. Our necklaces are a testament to our commitment to providing our valued customers with the finest in fashion jewelry. Explore our unparalleled selection and let us help you find the perfect necklace that speaks to your unique sense of style.

A woman wearing a gold necklace sits in the back of an old turquoise truck.

A widely beloved California based designer, Tacori’s dedication to innovation shines through in every piece that bears their name. The Bloom collection enchants with floral-inspired designs, featuring stunning, halo set gemstones that bloom with elegance. Meanwhile, the Allure collection offers a contemporary twist, characterized by sleek bezel settings and cool toned metal. Meanwhile, Hearts On Fire, renowned for their proprietary diamond cut, extends their brilliance to a stunning collection of diamond necklaces. From crowd-pleasing solitaire pendants to more ornate designs, each necklace features their signature perfectly cut diamonds. The signature SG collection by Simon G. also offers contemporary pieces that embrace modern fashion trends. The Trellis collection, on the other hand, showcases intricate lattice-like designs for a romantic touch.

A boho-styled woman leans on a light green Volkswagon Beetle on the beach.

What sets Le Vian necklaces apart is their unique use of rare blends of precious metals, including the exquisite strawberry and vanilla gold, which add a distinctive and delectable touch to their designs. These necklaces also feature exotic gemstones that turn heads. Moreover, Frederic Sage necklaces spotlight natural beauty. Their inventory features an array of necklaces that incorporate natural shells and diamond details, adding an element of organic charm to their designs. For those seeking to add sparkle to their look, Rhythm of Love also offers a captivating array of diamond necklaces that celebrate the eternal beauty of diamonds.

A woman holds a beige coat over her shoulder as she walks as the sunsets.

When it comes to shopping for necklaces, look no further than Huntington Fine Jewelers, your sole destination for designer necklaces in Oklahoma. With six convenient locations in Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Midwest City, Stillwater, Yukon, and Norman, our commitment to providing the finest in jewelry craftsmanship is unparalleled. At Huntington Fine Jewelers, we offer a curated selection of exquisite necklaces, each designed to capture the essence of timeless beauty and individuality. Our professional jewelry services are available to meet all of your jewelry related needs. Request an appointment today and let our expert team guide you in discovering the perfect necklace.