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Guide to Modern Wedding Band Styles

After the proposal, when all the plans have been set for the ceremony, picking out the wedding bands is essential to preparing for your big day. A contemporary wedding band style will fold beautifully into your daily aesthetic and be an excellent addition to your bridal stack. Our team at Huntington Fine Jewelers has put together a guide to modern wedding band styles to create your unique look.


Pave Wedding Bands

Offering sparkle that fills in all the spaces on your ring, a pave wedding band dazzles with the “paved” appearance of the diamonds and gems. Pave settings make beautiful accents for designs and will frame your engagement ring in plenty of radiance. Micropave settings, on the other hand, allow for the symbol of your loyalty and love to be decorated in a brilliant and intricate display.

Eternity Rings

Marriage is one of the ultimate commitments that will alter the course of your life. Celebrate your continual love for one another with an eternity wedding band. These rings have stones of diamonds or colorful gemstones that go all the way around the sentimental circle. Customization of this style can suit a special memory or their favorite color as designers make many wonderful eternity wedding bands.


Stackable Wedding Bands

Build a personalized bridal stack with a wedding band to help create the cohesive look you desire. A dual-band ring, like this rose gold and pink diamond ring by Simon G., will look incredible on top of, or capped by, your engagement ring. However you decide to wear your two rings is entirely up to you.

Nesting Rings

A united display of your engagement ring and wedding band that fully fit each other is a romantic way to display your love and a great way to style your engagement ring for long-time wear. A nesting wedding band will cradle the engagement ring's center stone with a gentle curve or deep v like this Noam Carver diamond wedding band.


Anniversary Bands

When you have been together for a year or more, an anniversary band can be the upgrade or additional wedding band that your bridal stack deserves. These types of rings can be any style you desire as there are many wedding bands available with unique accents that will complete your look and be a fantastic present for a special anniversary. Put the crowning touch on your set with this Tacori diamond band with intricate details and sparkle fit for a queen.


Find Wedding Bands at Huntington Fine Jewelers

Discover modern wedding bands in our Huntington Fine Jewelers showrooms. With an incredible selection of some of the finest bridal designers in the world, we know our experienced team will be able to assist you in finding the wedding band that is right for you. Visit one of our Oklahoma jewelry stores for luxurious jewelry to symbolize your love for the world.