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Using Custom Design to Make Your Dreams Come True

Designer jewelry is always an amazing choice, but what happens if you have dreams of rare or unusual choices that you want to see come to life? Here are some tips about custom jewelry!

Using Custom Design to Make Your Dreams Come True

Here at Huntington Fine Jewelers, we have plenty of customers coming in to inquire about rare or unusual types of jewelry that don’t often see production in the 2010s. Whether it’s an antique design, one themed on certain subcultures, or a collection of unusual materials, there are always interesting pieces of jewelry that inspire the imaginations of our customers.

If you’re searching for that right piece of custom jewelry, you can trust that Huntington Fine Jewelers has the expertise to make your dreams a reality! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to start the process of custom design:

Now and the Future

It’s important to ask yourself if the piece of your dreams will still be the piece of your dreams in 30 years’ time. That might not be something that’s occupying your thoughts, but here’s an example to think about: In the Victorian Era, the most popular gems were dark and stately, like agate and onyx. To have purchased an engagement ring steeped in the Victorian aesthetic was probably not something to think twice—until Art Nouveau rolled around in 1890, and the rage became for bright colors and organic asymmetry.

When you’re having your custom jewelry designed, don’t be afraid of letting your design specialists help you to consider what elements are important to your final design!


If you’ve set yourself a budget of $1,000, and you’re angling for a platinum wedding band studded with padparadscha sapphires and red diamonds, you’re probably going to be disappointed. It’s important to know your hard budget and what you really want in your design—but it’s also important to do your research to find out how flexible that budget should be, what you should compromise on, and what substitutes you can discover.

For instance, instead of a red diamond, why not look into rubies or red beryl? Rather than a 24k gold ring, why not check out 18k or 14k gold?

Custom Jewelry Oklahoma and Shawnee

Companion Pieces

There are two ways to think of the phrase “companion piece.” First, it’s important to discuss with your partner what sort of ideas they had for custom design. This is rarely an issue with fashion jewelry, but if you’re having bridal looks put together, your partner may want to inject their opinion into the design process! After all, they may be more partial to something from the masters at Simon G. than a custom-designed wedding band.

Also, it’s important to know how your piece right now will fit in with an idealized parure in the future. If you’re having your engagement ring custom designed, do you have an idea of what you’re going to do for your wedding band—or for anniversary jewelry in the future? It may be important to know your goals for future custom design now.

You can trust Huntington Fine Jewelers to be your first stop when it comes to finding a jewelry store that can build your custom jewelry dreams! If you have any questions, contact our Oklahoma City showroom at (405) 692-4300; our Shawnee showroom at (405) 273-4300; or our Midwest City showroom at (405) 832-4300!


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