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Four Popular Watch Trends of 2020

Time keeps on ticking into the future—and Huntington Fine Jewelers is here to ensure that its customers always stay a minute ahead of the next big thing in watch design.

Four Popular Watch Trends of 2020

The timepiece industry is characterized by short, sharp shocks that suddenly revolutionize the way that people see watches. Occasionally, this shock can be disruptive, as with the introduction of quartz watches; but shocks can also come in the form of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or the Swatch, which really added to the brilliant history of timepiece design.

Here at Huntington Fine Jewelers, we like to keep our finger on what timepiece ateliers are bringing to the market. When you’re looking for a special timepiece for 2020 that will take advantage of the sparks of genius that designers do so well, we’ve got some suggestions:

The Retro Look

Watches are unique insofar as they’re not, strictly speaking, necessary anymore. There are times when watches are still useful, as with pilots, soldiers, or divers, but for everyday use, your favorite Citizen watch may be less handy than your phone. However, this allows watchmakers a sense of freedom—they’re no longer bound by strict functionality, allowing them to turn their eyes toward retro chic.

Playing with vintage styles, such as big sans-serif numbers, smooth bezels, and leather straps creates a sense of refinement that’s not constrained by necessity or neophilia.

Blues and Pink

Dial colors are one of the more common markers of an era’s watch trends. In the 80s and 90s, one was more apt to see gold dials. White and black dials dominated the 2010s, but as of 2020, we’re seeing a boom in blue and pink dials—or “salmon” if you’d prefer. Raymond Weil is well ahead of the curve here with their Maestro, Parsifal, and Freelancer collections. Bulova also throws their hat into the race with their Rubaiyat collection’s charming pink dials.

While black and white aren’t going anywhere anytime fast, we do encourage those interested in a booming trend to keep an eye on the more colorful watches.

watch trends in oklahoma


Another big reason not to ignore black and white dials is the preeminence of minimalist timepieces in 2020. Minimalism has been a major aesthetic in the world of jewelry recently, and that’s been echoed in the world of timepiece design. We turn to Tissot here: Their T-Classic collection is not only vintage, but has the smooth, clean appearance that eschews bells and whistles. If you’re partial to a watch that packs aesthetic punch into a small amount of details, check out what Tissot has to offer.


Ironically, while many watch designers are embracing the freedom of modernity by freely sampling vintage style, other designers have created a new form of beauty by blurring the line between high technology and timepieces. Take a look at G-Shock for an example of this at work. The designer works into its Mr-G collection features such as Bluetooth functionality, radio time-synch, and ultra-durable solar movement that’s simultaneously shock resistant and water resistant down to 200 meters. There’s something special about the way the technology comes together in such a robust, stylish case, too.

If you’d like to learn more about the timepieces you can find in the Huntington Fine Jewelers watch finder, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at our showrooms: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at (405) 692-4300; Shawnee, Oklahoma at (405) 273-4300; and Midwest City, Oklahoma at (405) 832-4300.


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