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Several diamonds, each in a different cut. From the top-right circling clockwise: emerald, cushion, princess, trilliant, oval, pear, and heart

Introduction to Diamond Shapes

Glittering and incredibly strong, diamonds have long been the most highly favored gems in both bridal and fashion jewelry. They are formed miles beneath the earth’s surface when carbon particles are subjected to incredible amounts of heat and pressure, then transported to the crust by volcanic eruption, where they are mined. Skilled gemologists help them sing by cutting them to perfection and arranging their facets to create the most incredible light show possible. Our team of experts here at Huntington Fine Jewelers has put together a guide to some of the most popular diamond cuts you’ll encounter when shopping for fine diamond jewelry.

Round Cut Diamonds

The timeless  round cut is by far the most popular and sought-after diamond cut. Over the years, gemologists have perfected this exquisite shape with a perfectly circular silhouette and 58 individual facets that give this cut its reputation as the most brilliant. Dazzling and versatile, this cut fits well in almost any jewelry setting and is especially sparkling in a halo setting. Round cut diamonds are also often used as accent stones, adding plenty of sparkle to any piece of jewelry and letting it reflect light from every angle. Because they are the most popular, you will always have many settings to browse.

A woman wearing a princess cut diamond engagement ring puts her arms around her husband

Princess Cut Diamonds

As its name suggests, the  princess cut is regal and feminine. The second most popular cut, it features a square shape when viewed from above and an inverted pyramid when viewed from the side. Its sharp edges and symmetrical design are wonderfully modern and fresh. Though it was created in the 1960s, it has gained immense popularity recently as a distinctive alternative to the prevalent round cut. Look no further than the princess cut for a gem with an architectural edge and show-stopping qualities. Also known as the “modified square brilliant” you can rest assured that any ring or jewelry you choose with a princess cut diamond will be unbelievably sparkling.

Oval Cut Diamonds

The dreamy  oval cut is essentially an elongated round cut, also featuring 58 individual facets that create an immensely reflective show of light. Their specific facet placement also qualifies them as a modified brilliant cut. Gently sloping lines are feminine and romantic, and the long, skinny silhouette even makes the wearer's finger appear more long and slender. Delicate ring settings perfectly compliment this cut, as do halos and side stones that play up the shimmer and create the most glittering, reflective piece possible. Play up the romantic feel with warm rose gold and delicate metalwork.

Fashionable lady shows off her radiant diamond ring

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Often referred to as the rectangular modified brilliant cut, the exquisitely shimmering  radiant cut results from a combination of many different types of cuts, marrying the brilliance of a round cut and the purity of an emerald cut. It features 70 perfectly placed facets that result in the most stunning diamonds available. With more facets than almost any other cut, a diamond of this shape reflects light from all angles. The radiant cut is certainly the most fitting option for those who are fans of the emerald cut but are looking for something with a bit more brilliance.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Evocative of the Art Deco era, the  emerald cut is one of the rarer cuts, making up only 3% of all diamonds on the market. It has a rectangular silhouette, with uniquely placed, parallel facets that create a mesmerizing hall of mirrors effect. The emerald cut is typically reserved for higher clarity diamonds because they give the viewer a clear view into the center of the gem, so any inclusions or cloudiness will be very visible. Similar to the oval cut, its elongated form is very flattering on the hand, especially when paired with delicate engagement ring bands. Diamonds cut into this shape look phenomenal in solitaire settings that allow the incredible interior of the stone to be put on full display.

Engagement ring with pear cut diamond and enchanting halo setting

Pear Shape Diamonds

The  pear shape cut is unique because it is one of the few cuts that is not vertically and horizontally symmetrical. It features one rounded and one pointed end, resembling a teardrop. This cut is perfect for the wearer that prefers something distinctive and feminine. The curves are interestingly contrasted by the sharp point creating a dynamic silhouette that creates plenty of visual interest. These gems can vary in shape, either long and slender or short and wide. Designers can arrange them in several different ways, all producing stunning effects. When placed horizontally, they offer an unexpected asymmetrical effect that is certain to garner attention and appreciation.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

A wonderfully regal shape, the cushion cut is similar to the princess cut with a squared silhouette but differs from it as it features softly rounded corners. This shape resembles a pillow or a cushion, hence its name.  Cushion cut gems are eye-catching and romantic, processing much of the princess cut's boldness yet making it a bit more soft and feminine with its softened corners. They also give the feel of a timeless, almost vintage-inspired piece of jewelry. This cut works wonderfully in almost any setting, from minimalistic solitaire settings to elaborate halo and side stone settings.

Plethora of diamonds sitting on a shiny surface

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