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Your Ultimate Guide To Creating The Perfect Summer Ring Stack

August 15th, 2021

Creating a fashionable ring stack may seem complex, but it’s actually quite simple. Building the perfect ring stack means that each ring, when paired together, works in harmony with one another. The trick is knowing the best styling tips to make that happen. Huntington Fine Jewelers has got you covered. We will explore a few ways to create a fashion-forward, summer ring stack with a few recommended styles along the way. Let’s get started!

The Statement Maker

The statement ring will easily be the boldest in your stack. These include gemstone rings in colorful hues, signets, and other adventurous designs. We’re particularly fond of this vintage, gemstone halo ring! Its interlocking, strawberry gold band (a signature metal from LeVian) and pink orchid quartz blend beautifully together. This striking sherbet-colored piece will stand out amongst any other ring. We recommend wearing only one statement ring per hand to really allow for the ring to captivate on its own.

The Eponymous Stacking Ring

A prime stacking ring is one that is metal forward and tends to be glossy and smooth. Sometimes these rings feature different textures, curves, or geometric shapes like this gold Crescent Cove Ring from Tacori. These elements allow the ring to sit between your bottom and middle knuckle, to make a fashionable, understated appearance so more daring pieces can be the center of attention.

Another option from Tacori is a sleek east-west ring that places a gemstone horizontally for ease of stacking. Pick up a few of these styles to create a stacked gemstone set with a dreamy color palette like blue topaz, hazy amethyst, and shimmering chalcedony.

The Midi Ring

Voguish midi rings are placed between your middle and top knuckles. They tend to be lightweight with simpler designs. Think plain bands, chevrons, or simple floral motifs. A great example is this twisted cable fashion ring. Because of the rope-like design, it adds a bit of flair amongst the yellow gold, however, the ring still remains simple and subtle. Midi rings elongate the stack because of their placement, creating an irresistibly exquisite appearance.

Yellow Gold On Yellow Gold

Adorn your fingers in yellow gold rings for the quintessential summer ring stack. The warm hues of this metal are a match for the summertime. You’ll find striking yellow gold on this Phillip Gavriel modern ring that has unparalleled brilliance.

When mixing yellow golds in your stack, it’s essential to maintain a similar hue throughout. This maximizes the vibrancy of the gold creates a breathtaking effect. For a more intricate design, explore this glittering crisscross ring. The crossover design is distinctly modern and innovative and could even work as a statement piece.

The Crown

Curved diamond bands will provide a scintillating sparkle to your stack. They can feature only one or two stones or an array of delicate diamond details. The curve of the band comes to a point that draws the eye in with a dramatic silhouette for your ring stack. This style is romantic and will make a summer ring stack eye-catching.

Eclectic Harmony at Your Fingertips

A classic ring stack features a variety of styles that work in harmony, where multiple pieces are not clashing for attention.

One way to accessorize smoothly is by stacking similar rings together that follow a common motif. Choose a couple of geometric stacking rings, like this Noam Carver stackable band, and pair them with a diamond eternity ring and or plain midi rings.

If you prefer the vivid color of gemstones over gold, style a color-forward stack. Place two or three gemstone bands on your pointer finger. Add a yellow gold signet ring to your ring finger. Top off your middle finger with two thin and plain midi rings. Finally, grace your thumb with a yellow gold band.

Build Your Summer Ring Stack at Huntington Fine Jewelers

Huntington Fine Jewelers is your one-stop shop to build your summer ring stack. Visit us in-store at our Oklahoma City, Shawnee, or Midwest City locations to try on a variety of ring styles to figure out a set that brings your vision to life. Fill your jewelry box with trending, gorgeous fashion rings that you can style all summer long!