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What To Look For In A Necklace For Mother’s Day

April 15th, 2023

A mom about open a new necklace in a long, red jewelry box at her dining room table

Mothers provide us with the support, guidance, and care needed to be our best selves. Mother’s Day is specifically focused on showing our love and appreciation for these women. Whether she’s your biological mother, adopted mother, the mother of your children, the mother of your nieces and nephews, your grandmother, or a motherly figure that has impacted your life, honor her on this day. Fine jewelry is a remarkable gift as it serves as a fashionable accessory and a physical reminder of one’s affection. Necklaces hang at the center of one’s silhouette and capture attention. It will likely spark conversation in which your gift recipient can recount the experience of receiving such a thoughtful present from their cherished loved one.

A round-cut diamond solitaire necklace is held by its sterling silver chain


Give her a gift that reminds her of you each time she wears it. You can pick a piece featuring a motif that means something to both of you or references a particular memory you share together. Here are a few ideas for sentimental necklaces. Lockets are timeless. Choose a necklace with a meaningful photo that she can carry with her and access at any time. Or, find a piece featuring her children's first initials or birthstones. Pick a piece with a moon or star pendant if you and she spent time in your childhood stargazing or talking about astrology.

A woman wearing two coin necklaces sits on a white sand beach


You’ll also want to be sure the piece is one they can get plenty of wear out of. Versatile necklaces make lovely gifts because your giftee can be regularly reminded that they are loved and admired. Shy away from very busy, elaborate pieces of jewelry that feature a lot of detail or many expensive gems. She likely won’t feel comfortable wearing a piece like this very often. Also, choose a silhouette and metal type that is easy to pair with several ensembles.

Two white gold diamond pendants sit on a gray wooden surface


Pay close attention to your gift recipient’s particular style, personality, and existing wardrobe so that the piece you choose is one she will be more than happy to wear. This also shows that you’ve put particular effort into selecting a piece that reminds you of them. Pick a metal they often wear in a style that reflects the things they tend towards. Look for color palettes that are both reminiscent of their personality and their clothing choices. If you need help, sneak a peek at their personal jewelry collection.

A woman wearing an elaborate turquoise necklace sits by a tapestry


The Mother’s Day necklace you give should reflect her personality and preferences and be a trendy accessory they proudly wear. Browse current yet timeless styles so she can wear them for years to come and still look fashionable in the meantime. For instance, chunky chain necklaces, unique pearl necklaces, and colorful enamel are popular.

A woman wears multiple high-quality gold necklaces


The gift you buy must be able to survive the elements. It would be a shame if you gave her a gift she loved and it tarnished or broke quickly or turned her skin green. Choose necklaces wrought in fine precious metals by brands you can trust to produce a long-lasting piece every time. At Huntington Fine Jewelers, rest assured that absolutely any piece you purchase from us is of top-tier quality.

A diamond heart necklace drapes out of a jewelry box

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