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Trusted Tips for Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Shopping

January 15th, 2021

There’s a reason people enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day. From hearts and flowers to cupid cutouts and boxes of chocolate, it’s easy to get in the spirit of the holiday that’s all about love. One special gift that will last longer than candy or blooms is jewelry. Make sure you’re willing to pay attention to what your love likes most to find out her favorite gem or what type of metal she prefers. At Huntington Fine Jewelers, we’re passionate about helping couples celebrate this special time of year. Read on for tips on Valentine's Day jewelry gift shopping, courtesy of our team.

Finding the Right Jewelry Style

Jewelry has long been the preferred gift of lovers on Valentine’s Day. However, not all pieces are created equal. For this most romantic of days, you want to find a piece that’s as unique and as vibrant as she is. Below are some of the most popular V. Day jewelry styles, along with tips on selecting the right one for her.

Delectable Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for good reason. Beautiful and eternal, diamonds are bound to catch the eye whether displayed on her neck, ears, wrist, or finger. However, we’re especially fond of diamond bracelets for Valentine’s Day jewelry gift shopping. Opt for the classic tennis bracelet style or something a little unexpected, depending on her taste.

Gorgeous Gems

Does the woman in your life love bright colors and bold patterns? If her wardrobe showcases a rainbow array of shades, gemstone jewelry might be the way to go. Not sure which gem to choose? Birthstone jewelry is always a safe choice, as most women have an affinity for their special gem. On the other hand, if she has a particular favorite color, consider picking up some gemstone earrings in that shade.

Grand Gold Time

Silver has enjoyed a long period of popularity, but gold is finally getting its moment in the sun. A great choice for women with classic style sensibilities, gold pieces are reminiscent of eras past. Fortunately, Huntington offers plenty of gold fashion rings and other jewelry options with a modern touch.

Perfect in Pearls

The perfect stone for winter, pearls are as cool and sleek as a snowy night. If your girlfriend or wife has romantic tendencies, a pearl necklace is a classic Valentine’s Day gift. For something more whimsical and charming, consider a pearl pendant rather than a traditional necklace with pearls encircling all the way around. Prefer something less ordinary? Darkly mysterious and layered with intrigue, black pearls are a fresh option for women who like to walk the unbeaten path.

Find Your Special Valentine’s Gift at Huntington Fine Jewelers

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just an ordinary Tuesday, Huntington Fine Jewelers has the perfect gift to show her you care. Visit our site for more ideas and tips on Valentine's Day jewelry gift shopping or stop by to speak to someone on our team. We look forward to meeting you.