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Tips for a Sublime Holiday Engagement

October 15th, 2022

For generations, humankind has recognized winter as a special time. Maybe it’s because we’re forced to huddle together because of the cold, but, regardless, cultures around the world come together and celebrate the lives we’ve built. Celebrate the holiday spirit by proposing a lifetime of romance and commitment. With one of our fantastic engagement rings, they’ll be sure to say yes.

Present it in a Present

Whatever creed you call your own, the holidays are an exceptional time to show love and appreciation by giving gifts. Why not give your significant other the gift of eternal love? Simply wrap the engagement ring in a holiday-appropriate box and offer it with a little bit of pizzazz and showmanship.

For example, after giving them a couple of gifts, you can pretend to spot an extra little something hidden away. Watch them unwrap it in glee before kneeling down on one knee.

Under the Mistletoe

Many have heard of the mistletoe-kissing tradition. Mistletoe grows on certain trees and are associated with wintertime. This association is likely due to the fact that they remain green on barren snow-laden trees, as well as the myriad of superstitions and myths associated with them. The most well-known mistletoe tradition is the act of kissing underneath them. The origin of smooching under the plant could have roots in Ancient Greece, but the act became popular in 18th century England.

Make the mistletoe extra romantic by proposing marriage instead of sharing a kiss. It’s festive, romantic, and fun to tell a story about: the perfect proposal.

Something Cookie Related

Cold weather is commonly associated with sweets. Be they gingerbread men or yule logs, baked goods are the quintessential festive food. For a playful and brash proposal, bake a message in shortbread cookies. You could do this by making letter-shaped cookies or getting creative with decorative frosting designs.

If you’re a terrible baker, there are plenty of professional bakers out there with experience, skill, and training. It’s also a great opportunity to support your local Oklahoman small businesses.

Secret Santa

Subvert expectations with a secret Santa surprise. In case you aren’t aware, secret Santa is when a group of people agrees to be randomly assigned someone else to give gifts. Normally, they’ll put their names in a jar or hat and pick someone else’s name. This ensures complete anonymity.

If you choose to go this route, you’ll have to use some subterfuge to guarantee that you pick your partner’s name. To do this, you can collude with others in the group.

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