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This Engagement Ring Trend Could Change the Future of Wedding Proposals

July 27th, 2018

This Engagement Ring Trend Could Change the Future of Wedding Proposals

Helzberg Diamonds recently debuted their "Placeholder Engagement Ring" concept -- and it's safe to say that the jewelry industry is buzzing about it. This new engagement ring trend plays on the insight that many young couples that get engaged today would like to choose an engagement ring together.

The simple ring capitalizes on the temporary aspect of this ring with the messaging on the ring box and the words engraved onto the ring itself. An enclosed pamphlet states, "You're the one. But this ring isn't. Let's pick one out together."

So, instead of having one person guessing what exactly his beloved wants in her perfect engagement ring, a placeholder engagement ring is just that -- a placeholder jewelry piece for the day of the proposal, and for all of the pictures the newly engaged couple may want to take afterwards.

Thanks to the placeholder ring, couples can now pick out the real deal together -- which gives you one less thing to worry about.

It's a smart move for sure, but what do you think about the placeholder engagement ring trend? Is it hot or not’

If you're looking to pop the question to your beloved in the near future, and think that the placeholder engagement ring is a trend you'd like to jump on, keep reading for some great picks available at Huntington Fine Jewelers for $200 and under.

Because while Helzberg's placeholder ring sounds like a good idea in theory, wouldn't you want to present your partner with something a little more… fashionable’

Pearl Rings

Pearl rings at Huntington Fine Jewelers

"Pearls are for the girls" -- if that's not a saying yet, we're determined to make it one.

Huntington Fine Jewelers offers some great value on rings with pearl center stones. If your beloved has tendencies towards the more glamorous and luxurious things in life, try this Gabriel New York modern style with sleek lines and minimal decor. Otherwise, jump on this Stuller pearl stunner in a halo setting -- it's a unique take on the halo engagement ring trend that's sweeping the industry right now.

Minimalist Bands

And with the stackable jewelry trend running full steam ahead right now, your beloved could very well wear one of these rings in addition to the engagement ring and wedding band on her ring finger. Or, if you'd like to travel abroad for your honeymoon, she can wear the placeholder ring while your investment ring is safely stored away at home.

If any of these rings look more "fashion" and less"commitment," feel free to add a personal touch by engraving the sides or the inside of the ring band. Here at Huntington Fine Jewelers, we offer premier engraving services to help you find the words to show your devotion to your partner.

When you decide you're ready to choose the real engagement ring, come to any of our showrooms in Oklahoma City or Shawnee and we can help you decide on the ring to memorialize the rest of your lives with.