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Take Care of Your Jewelry in the Summer

June 15th, 2022

For many Oklahomans, summer is the most active season. Gorgeous waterfalls and lakes await those who crave a dip in cool water, while the Wichita Mountains offer some of the finest views in the country. There truly is an endless variety of fun to be had this summer. However, with great fun comes great responsibility. While jewelry is made of metal and gemstones, its beauty can be threatened by the elements. Here are a few ways to ensure that your jewelry survives the season from our team at Huntington Fine Jewelers.

Watch the Water

If you plan on taking your jewelry along with you to the waves, special precautions must be taken. This largely depends on what water you will be swimming in. If you’ll be in saltwater, don’t take it with you. Saltwater can ruin the color of gold and damage the finish. Freshwater will not, but it’s imperative to still be careful. The moisture can cause rings and bracelets to slip off unnoticed.

It is inadvisable to wear jewelry into the pool as well. Chlorine is corrosive and damages jewelry accordingly, even harming a gemstone’s sheen. Overall, it’s simply not a good idea to bring jewelry into any body of water, even if it is a freshwater lake. If it’s an engagement ring, just leave it home in a safe place.

Beware of Lotions and Topicals

Sun and heat dry up the skin, prompting the use of sunscreens, moisturizers, and other ointments. Be careful with your jewelry, however. Ointments and sunscreens are often made of materials that coat and tarnish. That can dull the beauty and shine of your pieces.

After coating yourself, give your jewelry a brief rinse in warm weather and dry with a soft cloth. Note that, if you use your hands to apply the ointment, it might be hard to check if you got any on your jewelry. Just to be safe, rinse it anyway.

If there’s a chance you might go swimming or else risk the integrity of your piece, leave it at home. Wear something that you would miss less than your finest family heirlooms when you are going out at night.

Find Your Summer Jewelry Favorites at Huntington Fine Jewelers

AtHuntington Fine Jewelers, we are here to help Oklahoma stay beautiful. Whether it’s in the bright sunshine of summer or the bitter cold of winter, we have what you need to shine.

In case these tips do not fully work for your situation and your jewelry falls on hard times, we offerjewelry and watch repair. We only employ the best, most skilled professionals in the industry to keep our customers happy.Contact us today at one of our marvelous showrooms, each one exceptionally luxurious.