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Tacori’s New Coastal Crescent Line Puts a Twist on the Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

April 1st, 2019

Tacori’s New Coastal Crescent Line Puts a Twist on the Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

California-based Tacori produces extraordinary and artisan-crafted jewelry in classic and modern styles. Tacori thrives at creating breathtaking engagement ring collections dotted with their signature crescent silhouette. Tacori’s newest engagement ring collection, which has just been recently released, brings brides-to-be the signature Tacori designs in radiant 14k gold for the very first time.

Tacori’s West Coast roots shine through in its innovative Coastal Crescent engagement ring collection. The crescent silhouettes represent the top portion of a heart -- a constant reminder for your beloved about how much you care.

A Closer Look at Tacori’s Coastal Crescent Collection

Traditionally, Tacori’s crescent-themed collections featured the signature design detail on the inner face of the ring. Tacori adds a chic and daring twist with a brand new inner face crescent fabric on its solitaire engagement rings. As far as solitaire engagement rings go, the Coastal Crescent Collection brings together a warm gold luster with brilliant diamond stones.

Tacori’s Coastal Crescent engagement rings stand out with another dazzling new addition: diamond-cuddled detailing under the crescent. For the first time ever, Tacori designed a lustrous golden engagement ring with details seen in no other Tacori collection.

Of course, you can always upgrade to 18k gold or platinum to really bring out the metal’s intensity and quality. Your loved one can choose from any diamond shape including the iconic 360 degree Tacori bloom. This engagement ring line is perfect for the person who likes minimalism with a subtle twist.

Stun in a Regal Emerald Cut

Tacori Emerald-Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

There’s no wrong choice in any of the Tacori engagement rings from the Crescent collection. For example, you can find a diamond-studded beauty like the emerald-cut solitaire on an eternity diamond band with a classic French pave. This diamond-encrusted work of art lets the diamonds become the star of the show.

Choose a Classic Round Diamond

Tacori Round-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

If your partner prefers more subdued but striking engagement ring styles, give Tacori’s round-cut diamond engagement ring a look. Its simple design highlights the pronounced round diamond and the diamond dotted detailing underneath the crescent. The diamond’s bloom-like cuts offer a mesmerizing fire and light.

Go Pear-Shaped

Tacori Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

Partners with a modern and elegant sense of style will fall in love with Tacori’s minimalistic pear-shaped engagement ring. In an intricately-detailed solitaire ring, the pear-shaped diamond stands out with its unique and offbeat look. This pear-shaped ring forgoes the side stones for a cool and refined look that draws more attention to the sparkling center diamond. Tacori’s coastal crescent revamp adds another layer to the magnificence of this ring.

Made for a Princess

Tacori Classic Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

Tacori’s Coastal Crescent collection caters to those with a simple and restrained sense of style and those with a flair for the bold and riveting. The classic princess-cut engagement ring takes on a crown of diamonds and a luxurious eternity band. Nearly every part of this chic engagement ring is covered in dazzling diamonds. Choose this stylish option for your lifelong royal companion.

Shine in an Oval Cut

Tacori Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The new diamond-dotting underneath the crescent silhouette is showcased wonderfully with a popular oval cut diamond. An oval cut gives the illusion of a larger and more striking diamond, albeit, Tacori does a magical job of crafting cuts that showcase the diamond’s beauty. This oval cut stone is surrounded by a crown of diamonds. The finishing touch is the majestic eternity engagement ring band.

Proposals are never going to be the same with the Tacori Coastal Crescent collection. Now you have more design and metals options than ever. You can choose from any of the bright and delicate solitaire options featured at Huntington Fine Jewelers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Contact our showroom today for more information on this collection or any of the other lines from our top-tier designers!