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Sentimental and Stunning: Birthstone Jewelry for September and October

September 15th, 2023

Birthstone jewelry carries a profound sentimental value, symbolizing one's birth month and often representing a deeply personal connection to our individual identities. Sapphires, the gemstone of September, are prized for their deep blue hues, reminiscent of the vast night sky, imbuing a sense of wisdom and protection to its wearers. Moving into October, the opal takes center stage with its mesmerizing play-of-color, echoing the dance of the auroras, believed to inspire creativity and hope. Each gem has its unique story, fusing meaning with beauty. At Huntington Fine Jewelers, an exquisite selection of birthstone jewelry awaits, ready to add a chapter to your story.

a silver pendant necklace featuring a cluster of diamonds surrounded by a row of sapphires

Statement Pendants

For those born in September, sapphire pendant necklaces are not merely an accessory, but a statement. Hanging unabashedly at the center of your frame, these pendants become the exquisite focal point of any ensemble. Take, for instance, this exquisite necklace from renowned designer, Simon G. It impeccably merges the deep blue of the sapphire with shimmering diamonds, providing a stunning contrast that captures attention. The diamonds complement the sapphire's elegance, elevating its beauty. This necklace is an ode to September birthdays, uniting elegance with personal significance.

a rose gold fashion ring featuring an opal surrounded by a myriad of colorful gems

Colorful Fashion Rings

Birthstones set in fashion rings brilliantly capture and reflect light, making them especially captivating with every hand gesture. Always within the wearer's gaze, such rings stand as enduring symbols of personal significance and elegance. This whimsical Le Vian fashion ring is an exemplary accessory for those born in October. This particular piece not only showcases the entrancing opal, but it's accentuated with surrounding gemstones that enhance the opal's mesmerizing play-of-color. This synergy amplifies the opal's rich spectrum of hues, creating a radiant ensemble that beautifully honors October celebrants.

a pair of yellow gold stud earrings featuring oval opals surrounded by a halo of diamonds

Timeless Stud Earrings

Adding a delicate touch of sparkle to any outfit, stud earrings have a subtle yet impactful charm, framing the face in glitter and color. Clinging closely to the ear, they offer beauty without intrusion, ensuring they are easy and comfortable to wear. This characteristic makes them a delightful setting for birthstones, ensuring they can be adorned across a plethora of events, from the everyday to the extraordinary. This pair of exquisite opal studs is a prime example of the unique allure of stud earrings. With their captivating design, any fashionista celebrating her birth in October would be enchanted to receive such a radiant tribute.

a hand holding up an orange leaf and wearing a silver fashion ring featuring an opal

Shop Birthstone Jewelry at Huntington Fine Jewelers

When you’re in pursuit of elegant birthstone jewelry, Huntington Fine Jewelers is your prime destination. With five renowned jewelry stores across Oklahoma, we showcase an exquisite range of designer birthstone jewelry, tailored to celebrate your unique story. But their offerings don't just stop at their curated collections. For those seeking a touch of personal flair, Huntington Fine Jewelers offers custom jewelry design, allowing you to craft a distinct piece featuring your cherished birthstone. To embark on this journey of bespoke elegance, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of their dedicated team members.