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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: Catching Up with The Latest Bridal Trend

August 21st, 2018

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: Catching Up with The Latest Bridal Trend

Bridal trends come and go, but, one trend that is here to stay is the pear-shaped engagement ring. Elegant, bold, and absolutely stunning, the pear-cut diamond has dazzled newlyweds for centuries. Today, modern designers are reimagining the classic pear shape into some genuinely breathtaking pieces.

Are you looking to include this latest bridal trend into your engagement piece? If so, in this journal we’ll give you everything you need to know about the pear-shaped diamond, and how you can find a timeless piece for your proposal.

What is a Teardrop Diamond’

The pear cut diamond is often referred to as the ‘teardrop’ diamond due to its iconic shape. Rounded at one end and pointed at the other, there is no other diamond cut quite like it.

The pear-cut diamond was first adopted by diamond cutters in the late 1400s and has captivated people ever since. The pear-cut is a modified version of the traditional round-cut diamond, and as such has the same stunning brilliance.

While the round-cut diamond gives the pear-cut its dazzling appearance, aspects of the exotic marquise cut provide the pear-cut diamond its elongated shape. When placed upon a finger, the diamond of a pear-shaped engagement ring creates an illusion of greater size, making it stand out boldly from the crowd.

What To Look for in a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Much like any other diamond, there are specific characteristics to look for when shopping for a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring; one such characteristic is symmetry. Symmetry should be your priority when on the hunt for a pear-shaped diamond. An asymmetrical pear-cut diamond is easy to spot at a distance, and can dramatically affect the value of an engagement piece.

Like any diamond, you should focus on the cut, color and clarity of a pear-shaped diamond before buying your engagement ring. A quality diamond will be free of inclusions or outward blemishes and is nearly devoid of color. When purchasing a quality pear-shaped diamond, you should not be able to identify a dark ‘bow-tie’ shape in the center.

Pear shaped engagement rings at Huntington Fine Jewelers

Typically, a pear-cut diamond will look its best when the pointed end aims towards the palm, and the rounded end is lined up with the tip of the finger. The setting of the stone is another essential characteristic to keep in mind, as a pear diamond will shine its brightest in a pronged or halo setting.

A halo setting pear shaped engagement ring will typically include a ring or cluster of clear diamonds that surround the center diamond. These additional stones reflect extra light towards the center pear-cut diamond and can make an engagement piece that pops.

Pronged settings are perfect for anyone who wants to put the pear-cut diamond on full display. With a pronged setting, there are typically no other additional stones, but the dramatic contrast of center stone to the band is just breathtaking.

There are plenty of designers who are transforming the traditional pear-shaped engagement ring into a multitude of modern and unique pieces. With so many designers adopting the pear-cut into their collections, it helps to have the guidance of a jeweler that is both passionate and well-versed in what makes a pear-shaped diamond truly remarkable.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings at Huntington Jewelers

Are you looking to purchase a pear-shaped engagement ring? If so, our passionate and skilled staff at Huntington Jewelers can help you find the piece that will undoubtedly blow your bride-to-be away.

In our showrooms in Oklahoma City and Shawnee, we carry a plethora of pear-cut diamond rings, as well as designer bridal jewelry, fashion jewelry, and certified loose diamonds. We also proudly serve the Oklahoma City area with professional jewelry services including jewelry repair, watch repair, appraisals, custom jewelry design, and gift packaging.

To learn more about our products, services, and pear-cut engagement rings in store, visit our website at or call (405) 692-4300 for our Oklahoma City showroom and (405) 273-4300 for our Shawnee showroom.