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Make a Statement With Bold Jewelry

March 1st, 2022

Sometimes, you want to show off with something that will strike awe into the hearts and minds of all who are graced by your visage. On such occasions, you will want to wear something special, bold, and spectacular that exudes luxury. Here are a few ways to show off your unique personality with gemstones and precious metal.

A Queenly Ring

Fashion rings are an exquisite way to exhibit regality. Resembling royal accessories, gemstones are a perfect and colorful accessory. For rings that evoke femininity and fashion, search for pieces with plenty of rose gold and richly hued gems. Alternatively, eccentric pieces can make a statement via their fantastical silhouettes.

This Simon G. passion ring has everything a fashion ring needs to push the bounds of boldness. It features intricate, ornate metalwork that intertwines 18k white and rose gold to create a truly mesmerizing display. Meanwhile, the tourmaline sparkles and shines with its enchanting color-shifting hue.

Necklaces Made Enchanting

A large and dazzling pendant is the ideal accessory for those in search of an especially eye-catching ensemble. Many designers view necklaces as centerpieces. They are vital to maintaining a spectacularly fashionable ensemble. Whether it’s a sophisticated circle necklace or even a simplistic chain, a bit of color can elevate these pieces to something more distinctive.

This Kabana pendant necklace is a sight to behold. Featuring wildly hued gemstones and 14k yellow gold, this piece has a mesmerizing display of color along with the brilliant diamond prominent in the center. This is the ultimate pendant for any seeker of the bold and the beautiful.

Drop the Subtleties

While there is something to be said for the subtle elegance of studs, huggies, and other minimalist styles, a pair of glamorous drop earrings provides the biggest canvas. Drop earrings hang from the ear, allowing for a relatively large amount of precious metals and gemstones to show themselves off.

This pair of Frederick Sage gemstones earrings has an eccentric color-rich design. With green-red tourmaline in an emerald cut and dripping with rubies and diamonds, this piece will captivate each and every viewer.

Trendy Bracelets

Bracelets are an essential addition to any well-rounded jewelry collection. These pieces can be minimalist and refined, like the legendary chain or cuff. Some dare to be brave and choose a more luxurious, statement-making piece imbued with jewels and gems.

This Stuller gemstone bracelet exemplifies this bravery. It is crafted from a plethora of colorful gemstones including amethyst, garnet, citrine, and topaz. Ideal for lovers of color and hue, it can elevate a neutral-toned outfit.

Let Huntington Fine Jewelers Help With Bold Jewelry Delights

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