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Kirk Kara: The Vision Behind the Award-Winning Bridal Jewelry Brand

September 12th, 2018

Kirk Kara: The Vision Behind the Award-Winning Bridal Jewelry Brand

We here at Huntington Jewelers are supremely fond of the elegance of Kirk Kara, a designer that blends hundreds of years of European excellence with contemporary styles that women and men really love.

As an authorized dealer of Kirk Kara, we throw a spotlight not only on Kirk Kara’s inimitable style, but also on the dazzling pieces and collections that have captured our imagination. Today, we’ll be focusing specifically on their bridal collections—their engagement rings and wedding bands—to show what makes Kirk Kara truly different.

Kirk Kara Engagement Rings

Kirk Kara Engagement Rings at Huntington Fine Jewelers

In the 1970s, designer Kirk Kara presented his future wife, Lucy, a handmade sapphire pendant to symbolize his eternal love for her. That romantic symbol of love became a keystone for all of Kirk Kara’s future designs.

One of the most recognizable features of Kirk Kara’s designs—the iconic element that sets the designer’s bridal jewelry apart from others—is the addition of sapphires to the engagement rings and wedding bands that come from the esteemed atelier.

Here at Huntington Jewelers, some of our favorite Kirk Kara engagement ring collections are the Carmella, Charlotte, and Stella collections.

What sets these collections apart’

First, the Carmella collection: This collection features some of Kirk Kara’s original designs that have stood the test of time, adding the patina of vintage elegance to these gorgeous rings. The milgrain and vintage style of the Carmella collection rings boasts several rings that also feature pave-set princess-cut blue and pink sapphires.

The Charlotte collection is a study in beautiful contradiction. While this collection really emphasizes the sapphires used in the design of these rings—bullet-cut sapphires, half-moon-cut, baguette, round, and emerald-cut, the Charlotte collection really celebrates sapphires. However, these sapphires are all designed to draw the eye to the magnificent center diamonds.

Or there’s the Stella collection, which features very delicate, feminine designs. Slender swoops, narrow shanks that lead to prominent center stones, and gracefully intertwined ribbons of 18k white gold or platinum really say “Kirk Kara Stella collection” to jewelry lovers. Also, do you love Kirk Kara’s designs, but prefer the fire of diamonds to the pink or blue of sapphires? The Stella collection is perfect for you, thanks to this collection’s rings featuring brilliant diamonds exclusively!

Kirk Kara Wedding Bands

Kirk Kara Wedding Bands at Huntington Fine Jewelers

The Stella, Charlotte, and Carmella collections also include their share of gorgeous wedding bands, but let’s turn our attention for a second to talk about the equally-lustrous collections of Kirk Kara wedding bands carried by Huntington Jewelers: the Angelique, Dahlia, and Pirouetta collections.

The Angelique collection is absolutely perfect for a woman who wants a wedding band unlike any other. Its bands, rather than traditional circles, are elegant intertwined loops and swirls of precious metal; you never know what to expect from the Angelique collection, and while some bands contain the signature sapphires that Kirk Kara favors, other bands feature surprising interplays between shades of 18k gold, one particular ring expertly designed with 18k white, rose, and yellow gold.

The Pirouetta collection, on the other hand, is a delightful counterpart to the engagement rings of the Stella collection—its designs are understated ribbons of precious metals made to mimic knots and bows, all decorated with a treasure-trove of pave-set diamonds.

Don’t overlook the Dahlia collection, either! The Dahlia collection is the return to the rainbow of colors that Kirk Kara manages with pink and blue sapphires, as well as fiery rubies and vivid green tsavorite. Beyond the use of colored stones, the Dahlia collection favors the use of marquise-cut gems, so for the woman who prefers this traditionally side-stone-oriented cut being put front-and-center, the Kirk Kara Dahlia collection is perfect!

Also, for a man who wants to share the style of his wedding band with his bride, Kirk Kara designs men’s wedding bands.

Huntington Jewelers is proud to offer the men’s Artin collection to our customers. While the men’s bands from the Artin collection feature fewer gems than their women’s counterparts, they make up for it with the spectacular engravings featured on these bands, ranging from a modern “speckled” design to the refined “laurel crown” design to a rugged “fish scale” pattern, all carved into the 18k white gold or platinum.

Find the Most Sophisticated Kirk Kara Jewelry at Huntington Jewelers!

Huntington Jewelers is proud to carry Kirk Kara’s one-of-a-kind looks, as well as bridal collections from other top-shelf designers of engagement rings and wedding bands, including Tacori, Hearts on Fire, and Carlex.

For more information on the Kirk Kara jewelry we’ve discussed here, or to see other jewelry for men and women, see the “Contact Us” page, call (405) 692-4300 in Oklahoma City or (405) 273-4300 in Shawnee. You can also visit our showrooms in Oklahoma City and Shawnee!