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Jewelry Styles Fit For Valentine’s Day

January 15th, 2022

Valentine’s Day is rife with romantic opportunities. It is a chance to show your loved ones just how much you care. Even more importantly, it is a chance to show off your jewelry. The question is how. There is an endless variety of clothing ensembles and an equally endless variety of jewelry. Depending on the date, you may want to wear a different necklace, or perhaps a flashy set of stud earrings. Here are a few of our favorite ways you can put your jewelry to use this Valentine’s Day.

One and Two and One and Two

As a wise woman once observed, there is no better way to feel the heat from somebody than a dance. Dancing is a perfect Valentine’s date. There’s touch, movement, music, and romantic feelings going on. As dancing can sometimes be a strenuous physical activity wherein moving and grooving are involved, it is recommended to wear well-fitting jewelry and non-constrictive clothing. This includes pieces like stud earrings, chokers, and bracelets.

A perfect piece for dancing is this Hearts On Fire Lorelei Bracelet. This beautiful, show-stopping piece has two belts of dazzling diamonds accenting the criss-cross yellow gold. Despite the appearance of two interlocking bands, a sharp eye notices that the bracelet is actually one folded gold circle. This exciting cuff perfects any outfit.

Take To The Sea!

While it’s probably going to be cold in February, Oklahoma does have some beautiful lakefront beaches that are tantalizing even on the chilliest days. A picnic or a long walk can amount to some excellent dates. As far as beach jewelry is concerned, gold chains and hoops are trendy and fashionable. This Simon G. Gold Chain exemplifies stylish beach jewelry, shown by its intricate yet modest design. This 24 inch gold chain both acts as a centerpiece and accentuates one’s natural curves.

Time for a Jewelry Style for Any Valentine’s Day Date

Watches add style and substance to any outfit with intensely complex designs and functionality. There are many different types of watches out there suiting a plethora of looks.

Generally, a thinner band and a smaller face are what work best for women. This Bulova Diamond Watch is a luxury timepiece that encapsulates the style and beguiling aesthetic of a detailed timepiece. The rose-gold-plated stainless coordinates with the subtle diamond accents to scream elegance and mastery. There are, of course, a myriad of timepieces in all shapes and styles.

Be Artsy

A trip to a museum is a sublime date. There, you can expand your horizons, talk about how moved you were by an oil painting and, of course, show off your more unusual pieces. An elegant watch is an excellent accompaniment, allowing a more stately and on-time appearance. On the other hand, a pair of statement-making drop earrings could be a conversation starter. These Frederic Sage Natural Shells Earrings are perfect. This piece depicts diamond imbued tentacles atop a mother-of-pearl stone, looking fashionable and exotic.

Find Your Valentine Piece at Huntington Fine Jewelers

You can rely on Huntington Fine Jewelers to make every Valentine’s Day special. We have been a family-owned and operated business for 30 years. We offer the finest selection of jewelry and luxury timepieces and are the only store in Oklahoma to offer the top brands in bridal jewelry. Our Oklahoma City location is over 4,500 square feet large, the biggest independent jeweler in the entire state. We also have two other locations in Shawnee and Midwest City. Visit our website for contact information for our showrooms as well as all the expert services we provide.