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Ideal Earrings for Spring Updos

February 15th, 2024

a pair of yellow gold huggie/drop earrings featuring red gemstones lying next to roses

Sweeping spring updos make room for sparkling earrings to truly shine. Whether you’re framing your face with chunky huggies, colorful studs, or cascading chandeliers, earrings are essential to every wardrobe this season. They allow you to frame your face in color, shine, and designs that highlight your most important features. Embrace the lively spirit of spring and incorporate the feeling of vibrant rebirth and whimsy into your ensemble. Our collection of earrings in our Huntington Fine Jewelers is unparalleled, featuring designer pieces that are ever fashion forward of current trends. Prepare your wardrobe for spring with our help.

a pair of mixed metal stud earrings shaped like butterflies with diamond details

Nature-Inspired Studs

Spring is the perfect season for nature-inspired stud earrings, and these Simon G. Monarch earrings are an exemplary choice. Wearing your hair up in the warmer months allows these stud earrings to shine unencumbered, framing your face with color and light. The whimsical butterfly motifs of these earrings beautifully capture the essence of spring, reflecting the natural beauty and renewal of the season. For someone born in spring or who simply adores the vibrancy of this time of year, these earrings are a delightful accessory.

a pair of white gold drop earrings featuring light blue bezel set gemstones

Dramatic Drops

Embracing the essence of spring, dramatic drop earrings like this fashion-forward TACORI Allure pair beautifully with the season's vibrancy. These earrings come alive with movement which is made visible by an updo, capturing and reflecting light in a mesmerizing dance that adds an element of glamor to any look. The sky blue gems in this particular pair echo the clear, bright skies of spring, symbolizing the return of sunshine and longer days. The color and style make them an ideal choice for springtime events or simply to add a touch of elegance to everyday wear.

a pair of large, white gold hoop earrings dotted with diamonds all the way around

Timeless Diamond Hoops

The elegance of diamond hoop earrings, such as these Hearts On Fire hoops, makes them a statement accessory, especially suitable for spring. These hoops blend timeless charm with a modern twist, capturing and reflecting light beautifully. They're incredibly versatile, easily transitioning from a light-hearted daytime outfit to a more sophisticated evening look and shining whether you pair them with an updo or wear your hair down. The sparkling diamonds add a touch of glamor, making them perfect for the season's longer days and social gatherings. Their adaptability and classic design ensure they remain a favorite in any jewelry collection.

a yellow gold pair of stud earrings featuring halo set opals

Colorful Gemstones

Vibrant colors are essential to spring fashion, and these LeVian earrings featuring Neapolitan opals perfectly embody this trend. Neapolitan opals are known for their array of colors within a single gem, making them ideal for the season. These earrings mirror the varied and vivid hues of spring, from blooming flowers to bright skies, adding a lively touch to any outfit. They not only reflect the season's natural beauty, but also add a sense of vitality and rejuvenation to your spring wardrobe.

a pair of yellow gold diamond huggies earrings hanging on the branch of a succulent

Huntington Fine Jewelers has Incredible Earrings for Spring

For a stunning selection of spring earrings ideal for updos, Huntington Fine Jewelers in Oklahoma is the go-to destination. From each of our Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Midwest City, Stillwater, Yukon, and Norman, Oklahoma jewelry stores we proudly offer a diverse range of styles perfect for any spring event. We also specialize in custom design services, allowing you to create a unique piece that truly reflects your personal style. To explore our exquisite collection and benefit from the expertise of our exceptional staff, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our team members.