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How To Figure Out What Engagement Ring They Want Without Ruining The Surprise

December 15th, 2022

Two hands hovering over a bouquet. The left showcases a gorgeous engagement ring

For many people, the element of surprise is essential to an idyllic proposal. The problem is that you may feel ill-equipped to choose your partner’s engagement ring without their input. There are several ways to secretly discover the styles of rings that will positively melt their heart. Our team at Huntington Fine Jewelers has compiled a list of a few tips to assist you in making your proposal as magical as possible.

Consult Their Friends

Your partner’s best friends and closest family members will be a world of help to you in the engagement ring-buying process. Gather as much information from them as possible about the types of rings your future fiance may have mentioned liking or not liking, the brands they frequently talk about, and any hints they may have dropped.

You can also ask them to put their feelers out for you, asking subtle but leading questions about the kind of engagement ring they would adore for a lifetime. You’ll want to be sure to restrict the knowledge of your coming proposal to a few choice people to not run the risk of someone slipping up and ruining the surprise.

A woman’s hand showcasing a three stone engagement ring

Check Their Social Media

These days, you can learn a lot about a person from their posts on social media, the accounts they follow, and the types of posts they like or save. If you’re really lucky, your partner may have created an idea board on Pinterest or another platform with images of the types of engagement rings they prefer.

It can also be helpful to look through the accounts they follow to find any jewelry brands. Many people get inspiration for their weddings and engagement rings from social media, which could grant you priceless insight.

Observe Their Current Jewelry Collection

Their personal collection of jewelry is another phenomenal guide to the types of pieces your partner gravitates towards. Observe the types of pieces they wear most often and the general style, silhouettes, metals, and gemstones they feature.

For instance, if your partner tends towards muted color schemes and minimal silhouettes, perhaps a classic solitaire setting with a round or cushion cut stone would be fitting. If they prefer romantic, feminine pieces, consider an oval cut stone with a rose gold band.

A bride proudly shows off her marvelous engagement ring

Consider Their Personality

Potentially one of the most important things to consider when searching for the perfect engagement ring is their unique personality and style. Narrow down your search by finding rings that remind you of your partner. A boisterous and fun person might find a sparkling halo ring with additional side stones to be the perfect fit, while a more demure and reserved partner would likely prefer a classic three stone ring.

You can also note how they dress, the types of art they like, and how they decorate their home and office. These things will be incredibly useful in guiding you toward the perfect ring.

Newly wed bride prepares to throw her bouquet, as is tradition

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