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Hottest Jewelry Trends of the Autumn Season

August 15th, 2023

A woman in a sweater touching her hair and wearing a floral ring

Fall 2023 hails the resurgence of bold, daring jewelry trends. At Huntington Fine Jewelers, we're ready to help you make a powerful statement. Discover our collection, featuring audacious statement pieces, chunky chains, and oversized necklaces. These masterpieces mirror the season's daring fashion aesthetic. Seeking unconventional elegance? Look for mixed metal designs, vibrant enamel detailing, and celestial motifs. Visit Huntington Fine Jewelers today and find your perfect piece to echo the edgy spirit of Fall 2023. Embrace the courage to be unique. Your statement piece awaits.

An oversized diamond pendant necklace in a silver setting

Oversized Necklaces

Boldness takes center stage in fall 2023, particularly with the resurgence of oversized necklaces. Think dramatic, opulent, and unapologetically large. This exquisite Simon G. pendant necklace exemplifies this trend beautifully. Its striking design flaunts an abundance of diamonds, and its size is guaranteed to draw eyes and captivate hearts. What sets this trend apart is the ability to pair it with both high fashion and casual outfits, thus creating an unexpected, stunning contrast.

A pair of mixed metal stud earrings featuring a floral silhouette


Anticipate a romantic twist to autumn jewelry trends with floral designs. Offering a soft counterpoint to autumn's typically rustic aesthetics, floral jewelry brings a touch of whimsical sophistication. These Hearts On Fire Liliana flower studs provide a delightful example. It captivates with an exquisite bloom of diamonds, lending timeless elegance to any attire. In a season where bold statements are key, floral pieces offer a distinct narrative - one that speaks of gentle strength and graceful resilience. Their anticipated popularity rests on their ability to inspire a poetic touch amidst autumn's daring fashion.

A large, aquamarine fashion ring set in bright strawberry gold

Vibrant Colors

As we transition into fall, vibrant colors are set to invigorate the jewelry scene, providing a counterbalance to the season's traditionally muted tones. Jewelry pieces with lively hues not only add a pop of color but also infuse energy into any outfit. Take, for instance, this Le Vian fashion ring. Its stunning combination of bold blue aquamarine flanked by lustrous vanilla diamonds set in bright strawberry gold offers a brilliant example of this colorful trend. Incorporating vibrant pieces into your ensemble adds a playful touch, making every day feel like a celebration of style and individuality.

A thin, yellow gold cuff with four gemstones fashioned into a leaf motif before the space in the design by Kabana

Gold Cuff Bracelets

Fall 2023 welcomes a major shift in color schemes and layers of fashion instead of the bright tones of summer and spring. Minimalist gold bangles, chains, and cuff bracelets are fabulous additions to sweaters and underneath your warm layers. Yellow gold jewelry lends itself perfectly to the rich tones of autumn. Choose this lovely Kabana yellow gold and gemstone cuff that will pair wonderfully with a cardigan or long sleeve shirt for those cool days. The four colorful gemstones are formed to look like leaves, almost as if they could be in the middle of their seasonal change set in 14k gold. Add this cuff to your fall style for a pop of luxury within your layers.

A woman’s arm clad in a white sleeve and a chunky gold cuff bracelet

Shop Fall Accessories at Huntington Fine Jewelers

Get ready to dazzle this fall with the hottest jewelry trends from Huntington Fine Jewelers. Our curated collection of bold, daring, and colorful pieces will help you make your unique fashion statement. Conveniently located with five local jewelry stores in Oklahoma, we're here to transform your vision into reality. Seeking a personalized shopping experience? Request an appointment for a one-on-one consultation with our jewelry experts. We are passionate about guiding you towards pieces that express your individuality and align with your style preferences. This fall, embrace the new, the bold, and the beautiful with Huntington Fine Jewelers.