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Guide to Luxury Jewelry Care at Home

July 5th, 2020

Guide to Luxury Jewelry Care at Home

Let’s face it: it’s very difficult to regard a twelve-hundred dollar Le Vian pendant and see anything other than its irresistible sparkle. Like all physical possessions, however, jewelry care is vital when it comes to allowing your investments to continue delighting long after their natural lives would have otherwise drawn to a close. There is plenty that you can do at home in service of this endeavor.

Whether it’s your engagement ring, your wedding band, or perhaps some other treasured keepsake aching for a bit of attention, our exclusive tell-all will take you through the most basic ins and outs.

Proper Storage is Proper Jewelry Care

Protect your necklaces and fashion rings from dulling factors - the sun, chemicals, and overly dry or humid environments, just to name a few. Tiffany and Co. recommends keeping your jewelry in its original box, or some other felt-lined vessel, in order to prevent the metal or gemstones from being abraded, chipped, cracked, or scratched.

Polishing to a Sheen

Precious metal is called so for a reason - the delicate environmental balance necessary to preserve its beauty will not be won easily outside of a professional jewelry storage facility. Silver, especially, will tarnish over time, although with frequent use, this unwanted effect is mitigated to some degree; the gentle use of anti-tarnishing agents followed by a rinse under some lukewarm water will solve the problem easily.

Gold and platinum are not as prone to this type of behavior, so cleaning them with a simple solution of water and a non-abrasive cleaner will be more than enough to dislodge any unsightly debris that the pieces may have accumulated over time.

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Staying Up-to-Date on Professional Jewelry Care

When the going gets rough, the time comes to call in the experts. Like making sure you get your yearly physical, we recommend that you take your most important pieces into the shop every so often for a professional inspection and cleaning. Some may deign to wait until a clasp is actually broken, or a stone has already become loose or lost - these are all issues that can be nipped in the bud; all it takes is a bit of foresight to avoid a disaster before it actually happens. You can thank us later.

Trust the Experts at Huntington Fine Jewelers

Jewelry repair is far from all we offer our client base; in addition to representing an extensive roster of name-brand designers here in Oklahoma City and Shawnee, we’re also happy to appraise anything you already own, as well as assist you in your own custom jewelry design journey, taking your idea off of the paper and putting it on your wrist, finger, or earlobe. At our humble jewelry store, the possibilities are truly endless. For jewelry care and more, you can reach out to us online or give us a call to book your consultation today.