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Great Ways to Give Jewelry

July 15th, 2022

Jewelry is a symbol of luxury, beauty, and prosperity. Whether it’s a ring or necklace, these accessories are always beloved and appreciated. That’s why receiving jewelry as a gift is such a monumental occasion. Through a little creativity and careful planning, you can make a marvelous show of appreciation through the right piece of jewelry in the right setting. Here are a few of our favorite ways to give jewelry.

Special Delivery

An exceptional but unusual choice is simply showing up at their door and giving them jewelry. By doing so, you show spontaneity and thoughtfulness. Consider pairing the jewelry with some flowers. It might seem like too much, but the classic nature of flowers conveys the traditionally romantic nature of the gift.

Note that not everyone appreciates the surprise. If the recipient likes them and does not mind company, it can work well. This is especially true if gifts are their love language.

The Heart is a Scavenger Hunter

A scavenger hunt is an exceptional way to give gifts in a playful manner, especially if they like games. Give them a list of clues that eventually leads them to the jewelry. The clues should be personal and remind them of your relationship. They could be “first date,” “favorite restaurant,” or something more complicated, but just make sure it lets them reflect on the closeness between you two.

Make sure that the clues are not too difficult to ensure they get there. You can also get friends and family to participate, letting them give clues and riddles.

Into the Wild

Hike through nature and appreciate its bounty. Surrounded by magnificent and breathtaking landscapes, give a necklace as beautiful as the scenery. They may be sweaty and hot, but it certainly makes for an unforgettable gift-giving/receiving experience. Consider the trail carefully. Make sure it’s not too difficult, as even the most precious jewelry will not be appreciated if they can barely breathe.

Geocaching can spruce things up a bit. In this modern hobby, people pull coordinates from the internet where a treasure trove is hidden. They can be anywhere, from a remote island to a neighborhood park. Make the coordinates yourself and hide the jewelry cache there for a combination hike and scavenger hunt. Just make sure to leave a personal touch to the cache to ensure they know it’s you who left it.

A Dinner Surprise

Cooking a meal for someone shows you care about them. You are willing to risk humiliation over your possibly poor cooking skills in an effort to impress and nourish them. After cooking their favorite dish, give them a fine jewelry dessert. When it comes to presentation, there are a lot of options. You could put it in a platter, a soup bowl, or a cup. We do not advise putting it in food as it may be a choking hazard.

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