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Designer vs. Designer | Earring Style Guide

August 22nd, 2020

You will find a myriad of gorgeous, stylish pieces in this earring style guide. A closer look is needed to decide which designer embodies each earring style the best. Some of the most popular earring styles on display are: pearls, huggies, drop earrings, hoops, and studs. The finest designers include Kabana, Gabriel & Co, Imperial Pearls, Le Vian, and Tacori. Discover which designer you can look to for the best options in each earring style!

Le Vian | Victorious Huggies

Le Vian is known for its rich history dating back to the 1400s as well as its penchant for reinvention. Discover unique and regal huggies from Le Vian.

Feel mysterious and kittenish in the PHAX 4 huggies. These floral motif earrings are crafted from delicious strawberry gold, vanilla diamonds, and chocolate diamonds.

If you crave a simpler hoop, adorn yourself with their strawberry gold diamond huggies. The pavé diamonds are flanked by petite spheres crafted from the same strawberry gold.

True Imperial Pearls

Imperial Pearls is true to its name. When you are searching for that quintessential luster and inventive design, look no further than Imperial Pearls.

Imperial Pearls creates unique pearl earrings with innovative designs you’ll love. Shop the classic pearl stud earring or spoil yourself in these luminous modern freshwater pearl diamond drop earrings! Accented with diamonds, invest in the lustrous pearls which hang from the front and back of the earring.

Pick from freshwater, Akoya, and Tahitian pearls. Explore asymmetrical earring styles from this designer.

Kabana | Wins Dramatic Drops

The best drop earrings belong to Kabana due to their natural, trending designs. Find colorful gemstone earrings and inventive looks in vogue designs.

We are very excited to carry these stylish drop earrings from Kabana’s Southwest inspired collection. Crafted from ethically sourced gemstones, the free-flowing drop earrings will leave you feeling beautiful and stylish, the height of sophistication.

If the colorful element is what excites you, then you have to investigate the many looks available. Let Kabana beguile you with their brilliantly expressive lapis lazuli, turquoise, and shimmering opal.

Gabriel & Co | Modern Hoops

Gabriel & Co hoop earrings are trending. Their designs are tubular and textured. Additionally, many offer different options such as diamonds as well as yellow, rose, and white golds.

Modernize your hoop style with a layered look. Adorn yourself with these triangular hoops and luxuriate in the yellow gold.

If you prefer platinum and white gold metals, Stuller has got your back. Shop chunky, textured hoops in silver gold for an understated style.

Tacori | Stunning Stud Earrings

When it comes to stud earrings, Tacori has everyone beat. This designer delights in colorful gemstones with intriguing, statement shapes. Everyone can find the perfect set of stud earrings with Tacori.

Be positively geometric in diamond rhombus studs. Bring an enigmatic touch to your outfit with rose gold, round onyx stud earrings. Stand out with pear and emerald cut designs.

Find mixed metal, amethyst inspiration in these halo Crescent Crown earrings! The gentle amethyst is made brilliant by the halo pavé. The yellow gold and sterling silver combination bring a modern element to these contemporary stud earrings.

The Earring Style Guide Brought to You by Huntington Fine Jewelers

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