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April Birthstone Gift Guide: Diamonds

March 15th, 2023

Pair of diamond studs with halo accents in a rose gold setting

Those with April birthdays are lucky to have the most beloved and long-lasting gem on the planet as their birthstone: the illustrious diamond. Diamonds are the hardest substance on the planet, creating far beneath the earth’s surface when carbon particles are subject to immense pressure and heat and then transported upwards via volcanic eruption. These truly incredible feats of nature have long been adored for their strength and beauty, and your friend or family member will certainly adore a sentimental gift featuring their unique birthstone. We’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite diamond pieces to communicate your immeasurable love and gratitude for your giftee.

Marquise shaped diamond pendant from Tacori’s Bloom collection

Pendant Necklace

When shopping for birthstone jewelry, you want to look for pieces that celebrate the stone, putting it in full display as the focal point of the piece rather than an accessory. Pendant necklaces are great at doing just that. Consider a diamond pendant necklace for your loved one that will serve as a versatile and elegant accessory in their wardrobe that is easy to pair with a great variety of ensembles.

This Tacori Bloom necklace is forged in high-quality platinum. It features an ovular shaped pendant with pointed ends, filled with one large, round cut diamond and smaller accent diamonds surrounding it. A piece like this will hang at the center of their frame, glittering and capturing attention.

Yellow gold hoops set with diamonds from Frederic Sage

Hoop Earrings

Timeless hoops are virtually always in style. These expressive pieces frame one’s face in color and sparkle, and there are fortunately many modern adaptations of this form that breathe new life into the tried and true accessory. Diamond-studded hoops are certain to please even the most discerning of tastes.

We love this pair of Frederic Sage hoops that puts diamonds in the spotlight. Each features a marquise cut diamond boldly set into the front of the hoop, with round cut accent stones pave set into their backs. They’re one of a kind and sophisticated, ideal for a recipient with a pristine fashion sense.

Yellow gold tennis bracelet with plenty of diamonds and a slender silhouette from Simon G.

Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet is one of the most well-known celebrations of the sparkling diamond. Beloved for centuries for its sophisticated and luxurious form, these pieces are characterized by a consistent row of diamonds that entirely encircle the wrist.

No one can turn down a shimmering tennis bracelet like this one from Simon G. Round cut diamonds are set into a yellow gold setting that brings light and warmth. Your friend, partner, or family member will be in awe when they open the gift box to reveal such a phenomenal piece.

Luxurious fashion ring exhibiting a plethora of diamonds and rose gold by Hearts On Fire

Fashion Ring

Rings are an excellent gift for their ability to constantly remind the wearer of the one who gave them to them. They remain ever within view as one moves throughout their day, having a cup of coffee, typing emails, and preparing meals. Diamond fashion rings in particular will catch the eye as they dazzle and reflect light.

Hearts On Fire is known worldwide for crafting pieces that exalt the exquisite beauty of the diamond. They’ve even developed their own signature cut which has been trademarked as The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. This Aurora fashion ring, for example, is wrought in romantic rose gold and invalid with a plethora of carefully and rigorously cut diamonds that will always make a statement.

Diamond cuff with a sterling silver band

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