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A Passion for Beauty: Choosing the Perfect Diamond

June 7th, 2018

A Passion for Beauty: Choosing the Perfect Diamond

The natural beauty of a well cut diamond captures my imagination of far off places, of exotic lands, and of people who risk their lives to extract these beautiful and rare stones. A person may spend their lifetime seeking a diamonds’ natural wonders of fire and vibrant color from the depths of the earth. A gem quality diamond is one of the rarest of all possessions. Men and women, of all ages, of all clans and creeds, spend a lifetime searching, collecting and protecting their family’s diamonds. When received as a gift, nothing is more romantic and sentimental than a celestial universe of sparkle captures by a diamond!

Observing the fire in a diamond is like seeing the sun set across the ocean, shimmering before you while relaxing along the beach on your favorite island. As the sun sinks lower on the horizon, the reflection dances across the water in a dazzling display of color. When a diamond is exposed to light, the same phenomenon occurs! The brilliance and display of color are nothing short of breathtaking.

When a man falls in love with the woman of his dreams, and his heart is captured by her radiance, his God given instinct is to show his admiration and appreciation for her. When he looks into her eyes and peers into her soul, her inner beauty is more than he can express with mere words. So he begins, a quest to find her the perfect symbol of his love, the perfect reflection for her. He will undoubtedly find himself at Huntington Fine Jewelers- peering into the cases, seeking something that sparkles like her eyes, something that says, “Yes, this is how I feel about you.” He chooses carefully, with thought and emotion- keeping in mind how she will respond. Imaging how she will once again light up the room and look as radiant as the diamond he has carefully chosen just for her.

The process can be stressful and unnerving for most men. The questions of quality, budget and, “How do I know I am getting a good value” can stop a man in his tracks. At Huntington Fine Jewelers, our focus is to assist the diamond buyer through his process and find out what his needs are- patiently guiding them through the process. Not every diamond is right for every person. The shape, size and price of the diamond are all important things to consider. Our knowledgeable staff is understanding of this and will work diligently with you to find the ring that says exactly what you want- I will love you forever. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and our vast inventory allows us to find the perfect diamond AND the perfect ring for each and every customer. Some women dream about a vintage design, where the love and detail is paramount. Both Tacori and Simon G collections will be the perfect choice for her. Other ladies prefer a petite design and both our Gabrielle and La Vie collections represent this style very well. Still others fall in love with a clean, yet classic style and our Hearts on Fire diamond collections will take her breath away!

Custom design is always a good option for someone that wants to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. From a simple drawing of a ring in a dream to a sophisticated 3D cad CAM design, our staff is highly trained and able to accommodate. Huntington Fine Jewelers is a comfortable and relaxing destination to shop and we are excited to share our passion for diamonds with you. We are a family owned and operated jewelry store and look forward to sharing our expertise and passion with you.

Lantz W. Smith

Owner and Founder of Huntington Fine Jewelers
Established 1987