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5 Gorgeous Wedding Band Trends to Look Out for in 2019

February 11th, 2019

5 Gorgeous Wedding Band Trends to Look Out for in 2019

In 2019, a few trends have already started to coalesce, and today, we here at Huntington Fine Jewelers are going to look at a few of them, followed by an example piece from one of our amazing designers.

Having done our research, let’s start going into each trend:

Ring Stacks

Tacori Classic Crescent Wedding Band

Recently, young women have fallen in love with the idea of taking many smaller pieces of jewelry and stacking them. This has a dual benefit: A woman gets to express her personal style with assemblages she’s created herself, and she gets to show off a lot of different kinds of sparkle with different kinds of jewelry.

Wedding bands are no exception to this, and this Tacori Classic Crescent beauty is a thin band that is made of luxurious platinum and baguette-cut diamonds circling the whole band—the perfect pairing for engagement rings and additional fashion rings.

Ornamented Rings

Kirk Kara Carmella Wedding Band

As you may have gathered, women have been craving one-of-a-kind pieces lately, and in 2019, one of the expressions of this desire is wedding bands emblazoned with intricate designs. The playful embrace of “horror vacui” as an aesthetic can be found in a piece like this Kirk Kara Carmella ring: Intricate, delicate scrollwork can be found on the face, as well as both sides of the band. Separating each etched surface is milgrain beading that contrasts with and accentuates the designs.

Colored Gemstones

Kirk Kara Colored Gemstone Wedding Band

While there are many women who still appreciate the clean austerity of white gold and diamonds, we’ve entered a period of aesthetics that embraces the whole rainbow of color. A good example of how this trend can be expressed in wedding bands is this Kirk Kara piece in which lustrous, lime-green tsavorite can be paired with band options in colors like 18k yellow gold or rose gold. Some brides prefer colors that match their wedding and personal tastes, and Huntington Fine Jewelers is here to help satisfy that craving.

Rose Gold

Noam Carver Rose Gold Wedding Band

Speaking of color, the rose gold craze has been surging just as rapidly as the craze for colored gemstones, and for largely the same reason. Rose gold is pretty, avant-garde, and fairly unexpected in high-fashion and bridal jewelry. This style from Noam Carver is a delicate expression of rose gold in wedding bands—as well as an example of other 2019 trends at work, such as being a stackable ring and very minimalistic.

Hyper Minimalism

Hearts on Fire Repertoire Wedding Band

One of the bigger jewelry trends through the 20th century in jewelry was “bigger is better,” but the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and the 21th century seems to be an era of “extol the small.” Minimalism compresses a great deal of meaning and beauty in less, and women from every walk of life have been spotted wearing wedding bands that are nothing more than thin gold wires or understated solitaires. The Hearts on Fire Repertoire Select wedding band is a thin band, which fulfills the demands of minimalism while adding sparkle from 0.25 carats of side stones.

If you’re interested in how Huntington Fine Jewelers can help you satisfy your 2019 wedding band desires, call us at (405) 692-4300 or visit our Oklahoma City or Shawnee, Oklahoma showrooms today to learn more!