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5 Exciting Ways To Announce Your Engagement

July 15th, 2021

Congratulations, you’re engaged! We couldn’t be more excited for you. Now it’s time to craft the perfect engagement announcement. There are many tried and true (if not a little tired) ways to announce your engagement. While there’s nothing wrong with taking the straightforward route, an engagement (and a wedding!) are really about celebrating together and sharing in the excitement. If you want your announcement to be memorable, here is our list of five exciting and unique ways to share the good news.


Some classic engagement ring announcement styles from which we can take some pointers. First, the Candid Photo. The candid photo reminds us that our announcements don’t have to be over-the-top, we just need to be ourselves. Second, the Ring Front And Center. Simply take and post a photo of your stunner engagement ring. The rock speaks for itself!


Be cheeky in the face of your announcement! Take a photo and create a caption that distracts the reader, redirects their attention, then surprises them. An example: take a photo together where the bride-to-be is wearing the engagement ring while drinking out of a coffee cup. You both make wide-eyed, playful faces and post the caption, “Can’t start my day without my morning cup.” People will be buzzing under your post!


Pets are an important part of your family, and it doesn’t hurt that they are also irresistibly cute. Including them in your engagement announcement is endearing and a fun way to catch people’s attention. For the photo, hold hands while your dog in the background looks on intently. Alternatively, have them wear a sign or clothing that says, “My people are getting married!” Or, take a cue from the image above and get all hands, and paws, on deck.

3. Use Your Favorite Meme

Memes themselves are their own kind of shorthand. For lighthearted couples who want an easy way to get the point across, following a meme or trend can be an entertaining way to reveal your modern romance. One we suggest is “How It Started, How It’s Going.” The “started” photo can be your favorite photo from early in your relationship. The “going” photo can be a candid shot from your actual proposal!


Why not channel your inner artist, and use a playful medium for this momentous occasion. Draw up a small chalk illustration or spell out a phrase to make your announcement colorful and lively. You can capture a photo of the chalk drawing itself, or you both can sit alongside it to crystalize the exciting reality—you’re engaged! Feel the giddy excitement as you take a moment to create another lasting memory, albeit one covered in chalk.


With each passing day, it’s becoming increasingly safe for people to gather together. You know what that means—it’s time to throw a party! This is a great option as you can relish the celebration with your friends and family. Show your personality by the type of party: hold a sophisticated soirée or gather for an afternoon cookout. Nothing beats hearing the excitement and well wishes first-hand from those you love most.


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